Broadway BW2 – United Kingdom – 1959


Electric Solid Body Single cutaway guitar


Mahogany body and neck

Rosewood fretboard

Two Henry Weill pickups


Broadway was a brand name mostly used for imported instruments by British guitar salesman Rose-Morris. But the Broadway BW2 was built in London.
The body consisted of a coarsely shaped solid wood plank, usually with a sunburst finish and a cream-colored imitation-pearl pickguard. Some models had a two-piece pickguard with the turquoise section providing space for the volume and tone knobs. The BW1 had one guitar pickup, but the BW2 had two. These pickups were manufactured by the German immigrant Henri Weill.
The name ‘Broadway’ was written on the upper belly of the body and not on the head. This model was equipped with a Framus tailpiece that allowed guitarists to add vibrato by pressing the plate with their palm.

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