Burns-Weil Super Streamline Bass – United Kingdom – 1959


Electric Solid Body Single cutaway bass guitar


Plane tree body, glued plane tree neck

Rosewood fretboard

Two Weill single-coil pickups


The collaboration between Jim Burns and Henry Weill resulted in a series of guitars and basses launched in May 1959 under the Burns-Weill brand. The model was nicknamed ‘Martian Cricket Bats’. Still, this bass guitar was particularly popular among guitarists, probably because four-string solid bodies were still very thinly seeded in the 1959 UK.
The angular Super Streamline bass guitar, like it’s six-string brother, had an Art Deco headstock. The fretboard was made of plane or rosewood. The fretboard had red position dots inspired by knitting needle heads. The geometric shape of the body was accompanied by a parallel round pickguard that accommodated the double single-coil pickups that could be controlled with control knobs, including a switch to boost the bass.

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