Danelectro 3923 Doubleneck – U.S.A. – 1958


Electric Hollow Body Double neck guitar


Pine and masonite body, poplar neck

Brazilian rosewood fretboard

Two lipstick single-coil pickups


The Danelectro 3923 Doubleneck is a combination of a guitar and bass guitar and the only Danelectro model with a double neck.
The 3923 was available during the year 1966 but was taken out of production as early as 1967 when MCA took over Danelectro. The model actually consists of an enlarged Shorthorn body with a 76cm long four-string bass guitar neck and a 63.5cm six-string guitar neck. It was available in Copper Burst and cost $ 175. Since the instrument had a hollow body, it was balanced and not heavy. Danelectro solid bodies with double necks can weigh two to three times as much as this Doubleneck, making this instrument very popular.

Used by artist(s): Jimmy Page

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