Danelectro 4123 Guitarlin – U.S.A. – 1958


Electric Hollow Body Double cutaway guitar


Pine and masonite body, poplar neck

Brazilian rosewood fretboard

Two lipstick single-coil pickups


The first instrument of this type, the Danelectro 4123 Guitarlin, was uniquely distinguished from its counterparts, four-string and six-string Longhorns, by a simple neck extension: the 7 additional frets made the Guitarlin an extraordinary instrument with a total of 31 frets .
The model was available in three variants. The location of the pickup differed, but otherwise they were practically identical: they had two lipstick pickups and the head had the classic Coke bottle profile.
In 1967, a Longhorn was marketed under the Coral brand, in response to MCA’s acquisition of Danelectro.

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