Danelectro 4623 Longhorn Bass – U.S.A. – 1958


Electric Hollow Body Double cutaway bass guitar


Pine and masonite body, poplar neck

Brazilian rosewood Fretboard , 76 cm / 30 inches long

Two lipstick single-coil pickups


The Danelectro Longhorn is arguably one of the most unique and striking instruments ever designed by an American luthier. It has been the most popular guitar of all Danelectro since it was released in 1958. Three official versions of the Danelectro Longhorn double cutaway were offered during the decade in production. The 4423 was a four-string bass, the 4623 a six-string, and the 4123 a six-string Guitarlin with an extended neck that held 32 frets. The guitar’s design was not changed, except for the location of the pickup. In 1967 Danelectro also produced a Longhorn hollowbody under the Coral label. But the bass instrument is still popular today and is produced in China.

Artist story:
Pete Townshend of The Who played the Longhorn-related Guitarlin and was even depicted with a copy in the 1967 Danelectro catalog.
John Entwistle struggled to find new strings for his Longhorn bass guitar in the UK that he had to purchase a new instrument every time he broke a string! Entwistle play the Longhorn for his famous and revolutionary bass solo on the classic hit of The Who, My Generation.

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