De Aguilera Six-course classical guitar – Spain – 1797


Acoustic Hollow Body Six-course classical guitar


From lower body to bridge 26 cm/10 inches

Spruce top, cypress back and top, fretboard overflowing in top, tuning pegs


Little is known about the luthier Benito Sanchez de Aguilera from Madrid. The instrument he made in 1797 is strung with six double-chord strings and is very simple. It is unknown whether renovated parts have been reconstructed to the original. In the 18th century, few builders manufactured such a bridge.
The head of the guitar may not be original either, but this cannot be said with certainty. The instrument was built at a time when the guitar was in a transitional phase, both in terms of the number of strings and bracings, as well as the shape and size.

Last updated on 5 May 2020
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