Epiphone Crestwood – U.S.A. – 1958


Electric Solid Body Double cutaway guitar


Mahogany body and neck

Rosewood fretboard

Two single-coil pickups (after 1961 mini-humbuckers)


The Crestwood was Epiphone’s showpiece, similar to Gibson’s Les Paul.
This model was built at Gibson’s Kalamazoo factory and was made of similar materials as the Les Paul. It had symmetrical cutaways and two New York single-coil pickups.
The original Crestwood was only in production until 1959, after which it was replaced by the Crestwood Custom. By 1961, the stock of New York single-coil pickups and their associated ‘NY’ control knobs had been depleted. Gibson mini-humbuckers were used instead. After 1962 the body shape was revised. The Crestwoods were not cheap. A 1966 price list shows that a Deluxe cost $455, just as expensive as a Gibson SG Custom.
In 2012, Epiphone released a Fiftieth Anniversary Crestwood Custom, an exact replica of the 1962 model. No more than 1962 were made, and the instrument cost just under $600.

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