Epiphone Zephyr Archtop guitar – U.S.A. – 1939

Epiphone Zephyr Archtop guitar - The Guitar Database


Electro-Acoustic Hollow Body Archtop guitar


Maple body, mahogany neck

Rosewood fretboard

One Epiphone Master pickup


The name Zephyr was used for a wide variety of amplified instruments, which included not only the single-coil electric archtop, but also a banjo, mandolin, and steel-string electric Hawaii guitar. As was the case with so many early electric guitars, the Zephyr was offered as a starter pack that included a guitar, an amplifier and cable. A complete package costs about $200.
The Zephyr guitar has a distinctive ‘bikini’- headstock and unique mother-of-pearl inlays on the fretboard. The body was made of maple, the glued neck was made of mahogany and the fretboard of rosewood. An Epiphone Master single coil pickup was fitted near the bridge. The Zephyr was produced until 1959, and the pickup took on a different position over the years: 1942-1949 it was centered; in 1950 it was moved to the neck resulting in a full and pleasant sound that we associate with the classical jazz guitar.

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