Fender Champion Lapsteel – U.S.A. – 1955


Electric Solid Body Lapsteel guitar


Hardwood body and neck covered with imitation mother-of-pearl, one-piece body and neck

Metal fretboard

One Stratocaster single-coil pickup


Lapsteel guitars were the first instruments produced by Leo Fender’s’ new company in 1945. In some ways, they were the precursors to Fender’s innovative electric guitars. Launched in 1949, the Champion was originally a six-string study instrument with a wooden body covered in imitation mother-of-pearl. In 1955, Fender shortened the name of this lap steel guitar to Champ and replaced the guitar pickup with a Strat-style pickup.
This model has become one of the most iconic lapsteel guitars today, mainly thanks to its magnificent clear tone. Other attractive features include the simple, practical shape of the instrument, making it easy to play, the high quality of the Kluson-tuners and the wide range of three full octaves.

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