Fender Musicmaster – U.S.A. – 1956


Electric Solid Body Double cutaway guitar


Ash body, maple neck

Maple fretboard

One single-coil pickup


Fender promoted the Musicmaster as his first smaller electric solidbody for beginners and young guitarists with small hands. Production costs were kept low, and the guitar itself was basic and functional, with a single-coil pickup slanted at the neck and no tremolo arm. The Duo-Sonic version with two single-coil pickups followed a few months later.
Fender initially used the same ash wood body for the Musicmaster as the Duo-Sonic with two single-coil pickups, with the two cavities covered by the aluminum pickguard. Furthermore, they shared the shorter one-piece maple neck, the dull beige color and a simple chrome-covered bridge.

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