Fender Precision Bass – U.S.A. – 1951


Electric Solid Body Solid body bass guitar with double cutaway


Ash body, screwed maple neck

Maple fretboard (one piece part of the neck)

One single-coil pickup


The Precision is not the first electric bass guitar, but this popular and influential instrument has ensured that the bass guitar was finally heard in an ensemble. Because the fingerboard was equipped with frets, it was possible to play bass parts with greater precision.
The original Precision was intended as a counterpart to the six-string Telecaster and was also somewhat similar in style to this instrument. The construction was simple: a neck was attached to a piece of ash wood. The electrical parts were rudimentary.
The Precision underwent several important changes early on. In 1953, the body received rounded edges, making the instrument more comfortable to play, and in 1957 the model received an overall makeover.
The Precision has always remained in production over the years. And a large number of different vintage editions of this model are offered again today.

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