Fender STRAT – USA – 1980-1983

Fender STRAT 1980 The Guitar Database


Electric Solid body Double cutaway guitar


Six-pivot vibrato, Strat logo on headstock
Fretted maple neck, or maple neck with rosewood fingerboard: truss-rod adjuster at body end: two string guides, ‘Strat’ logo on re-styled headstock with face matching body colour
Body finish red, blue or white
Three white six-pole piece pickups (bridge pickup angled)
Three controls (volume, tone, two-way rotary switch) and five-way selector all on pickguard: jack socket in body face
11-screw white laminated plastic pickguard
Re-designed six-pivot bridge/vibrato unit
Gold plated brass hardware learly examples have chrome machine heads and polished brass hardware)
Also WALNUT STRAT, With fretted walnut neck (samo with walnut neck and ebony fingerboard), walnut body black laminated plastic pickguard, and gold plated hardware (1981-1983)


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