Fender STRATOCASTER pre-CBS – USA – 1954-1965


Electric Solid body Double cutaway guitar


21 frets, small headstock, one string guide, four screw neck plate, three controls.
Fretted maple neck (maple neck with rosewood fingerboard from 1959): trussrod adjuster at body end: one string guide.
Body sunburst or colours.
Three white six-pole piece pickups (bridge pickup angled).
Three controls (volume, two tone) and three-way selector, all on pickguard, jack socket in body face.
Eight-screw white plastic or anodised metal pickguard (11-screw white or tortoiseshell laminated plastic from 1959)
Six-saddle bridge with through body stringing or six-pivot bridge/vibrato unit.

Maple neck, from October 1950-mid 1956 ash body, from mid 1956 to current Alder body. Exception when it is a natural/blonde finish, then the body was always ash.

Maple, from 1959 rosewood fingerboard


Some samples with gold-plated hardware when with blond body unofficially known as Mary Kay model).

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