Gibson ES-345 Archtop guitar – U.S.A. – 1958

Gibson ES-345 Archtop Guitar The Guitar Database


Electric Semi-Hollow Archtop guitar


Maple body, mahogany and maple neck

Rosewood fretboard with parallelograms inlays

Two humbucker pickups from Gibson


The Gibson ES-345 and ES 355 were both marketed in 1958 as deluxe versions of the top-selling ES-335 model. The ES-345 was the first Gibson instrument to feature a Stereo Varitone-switch mounted just above the tone and volume buttons. This six-position switch was designed by Walter Fuller, who worked for Gibson.
Other differences between the ES-345 and ES-335 were that a small crown was inlaid on the headstock of the ES-345 instead of the ES-335’s diamond and that this instrument’s fingerboard had double parallelograms instead of square-shaped position inlays. The ES-345 remained in production until 1981 when the model was succeeded by the Lucille. By 1965, the tailpiece had acquired a trapezoidal shape and a tremolo-arm, Bigsby or Gibson Deluxe Vibrola was standard for the ES-355.

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