Gibson ES-355 – U.S.A. – 1958


Electric Semi-Hollow Archtop guitar


Maple body, mahogany neck

Ebony fretboard

Two humbucker pickups


Two months after the launch of the critically acclaimed ES-335, its counterpart, the ES-355, was launched. The best known version of this model was the ES-355 TDSV, which featured a stereo switching system and a six-position ‘Variton’ knob, an intelligent passive switching system that allows six different filters to be turned on. The ES-355 had the same construction as the ES 335, but the advanced electronics and lavish workmanship made the model considerably more expensive.
The ES-355 is most commonly played by blues guitarists, including B.B. King who calls his legendary guitar Lucille. The instrument is very resonant. King solved this by muting the guitar using a towel in the sound hole. In 1908, as a tribute to King, Gibson launched the Lucille model that lacked the soundholes.

Used by artist(s): BB King

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