Gibson L-75 Archtop guitar – U.S.A. – 1932

Gibson L-75 Archtop guitar


Acoustic Hollow Body Archtop guitar


Spruce top, mahogany back and sides

Rosewood fretboard with mother of pearl and celluloid


In 1932 Gibson added two smaller models to his archtop line, the L-75 with f-holes and the L-50 with a round sound hole. The L-75 has undergone many changes in construction and appearance over the years. The model shown here has a dreadnought-like body and a striking fingerboard and headstock, covered in celluloid and mother-of-pearl-inlays atop rosewood. The earliest models of the L-75 were lightweight archtops with a body of almost 37 cm / 15 inches. By 1935 the body had become much longer and had a width of 40.5 cm/16 inches, just like the L-5.
The L-75 may be one of Gibson’s less popular models, and it was discontinued in 1939. Today it is considered a rarity by collectors.

Eric Clapton

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