Gretsch 6022 Rancher – U.S.A. – 1954


Acoustic Hollow Body Flattop guitar


Laminated spruce top, maple body, maple neck

Rosewood fretboard


In 1954, Gretsch changed his marketing strategy: he abolished the name ‘Synchromatic’ and replaced it with ‘Town and Country’: The ‘new’ model, however, retained the body, back, sides, bracing construction, decorations, frets and inlays of his predecessor.
The Town and Country was also equipped with a height-adjustable bridge, an elegant pickguard and a triangular soundhole. The model was later renamed the Rancher. The Rancher has a heavy bracing construction and heavy strings, making it difficult to get a true acoustic tone from this instrument. The model therefore did not sell well and was taken out of production in 1973.

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