Gretsch 6118 Anniversary – U.S.A. – 1958


Electric Hollow Body Single cutaway archtop guitar


Layered maple body, maple neck

Ebony fretboard, rosewood from 1960

Filtertrons double-coil pickups, HiLo pickups in 1960


The Fred Gretsch Music Company celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1958 with a budget model. The instrument, dubbed the Anniversary, was shaped like the 6120 Chet Atkins and came with one or two pickups and a sunburst or a beautiful two-tone ‘Smoke Green’ finish.
In 1960, the classic Gretsch humbucker was replaced by Filter’Tron pickups with cheaper HiLo’Trons single-coil pickups. Shortly after, the ebony fretboard was replaced by a cheaper rosewood fretboard. The Anniversary model remained in production until 1975.
In 1990, a year after the Gretsch name was bought back by the family, a new Anniversary model with double-coil pickups with the ´Smoke Green´ finish was launched. This instrument was of high quality and cost about $ 3000.

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