Guild ‘F’ Series – U.S.A. – 1954


Acoustic hollow body flattop Grand Concert steel-string guitar


Maple and spruce body, walnut and mahogany neck

Rosewood fretboard

Three lipstick single-coil pickups


Founded in Manhattan, New York in 1952, the Guild Guitar Company produced high-quality archtop jazz guitars, electric and acoustic guitars. New York folk music became increasingly popular in the early 1960s and Guild started producing acoustic western guitars that could compete with CF Martin’s instruments but were also competitively priced.
Guild’s two main series were the dreadnought ‘D’ series and the jumbo or grand concert guitar, the ‘F’ series. Guild’s first acoustic flattop-series, the F-line, was introduced in 1954, but only flourished with the rise of blues and folk music. These guitars, like the F-50, are known for their deep rich and clear tone and were particularly loved by acoustic blues guitarists like John Hurt.

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