Hagstrom / Goya Sparkle Bass – Sweden – 1958


Electric Solid Body Single cutaway bass guitar


Birch body covered with celluloid

Mother-of-pearl fretboard

Two Hagstrom pickups


The name Goya was applied to the headstock by many different guitar manufacturers in the hope that it would give their instruments an exotic touch. This bass guitar dates from an era when the Swedish company Hagstrom produced models bearing the name ‘Goya’. Previously, Goyas were manufactured by Levin and later produced in Italy, Korea and Japan.
This was Hagstrom’s first attempt at making a bass guitar. The plastic-coated guitar had a short neck and Hagstrom’s ‘Speed-O-Matic’ keyboard (which was covered with decorative plexiglass). The neck was reinforced by Hagstrom’s unique H-shaped trussrod.

Hershman, an American importer, thought buyers would be put off by the Hagstrom name and labeled the instruments with Goya.

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