Hagstrom P46 Deluxe – Sweden – 1958


Electric Solid Body Single cutaway guitar


Birch and celluloid body, birch neck

Mother-of-pearl fretboard

Four paired single-coil pickups


The P46 Deluxe appeared on the market in 1958. At the time, the Swedish company Hagstrom was already one of the largest producers of electric guitars outside the US.

Albin Hagstrom lived in the town of Älvdalen and opened his factory in 1933. He quickly acquired a name for himself in Europe producing high-quality accordions. His early Deluxe models betray that background. These instruments are finished with imitation mother-of-pearl celluloid that we know from accordion decoration.
The P46 Deluxe was of high quality and modeled after Gibson’s Les Paul. The most striking feature of this instrument was its guitar pickup.
The unorthodox complex shifting system made the P46 unusually versatile in terms of tone. The pickups could be selected using six push-buttons. This allowed many different combinations of the four single-coil pickups.

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