Harmony H71 Meteor – U.S.A. – 1958


Electric Hollow Body Single cutaway guitar


Layered maple body, maple neck

Hardwood fretboard

Two DeArmond pickups


In the period 1910-1930, Chicago-based Harmony was the king of American luthiers: over half of all instruments produced and sold were from his factory. In the 1950s and 60s, the company produced instruments for many other luthiers and for the mailorder-giant Sears Roebuck.
The Meteor was among Harmony’s best instruments. The first version of the model had a single cutaway and two stylized f-holes. At the height of the 14th fret, the neck was connected to the body and the fretboard had room for 21 frets in total. The two DeArmond pickups could be controlled by a volume and tone control knob.
The Meteor was initially sold in two models. The H71 had a natural finish, while the H70 had a sunburst. The Meteorite changed over the years and the first models were followed by models with a double cutaway and a body very similar to that of Gibson’s famous ES-335.

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