Höfner 4574 Double cutaway Archtop Guitar – Germany – 1960


Electric Hollow Body Double cutaway Archtop Guitar


First year the finish was ‘russet-mahogany’ but changed to the characteristic Cherry Red, synonymous with the Verithin. Some of the last guitars were finished in brwon/yellow sunburst.
A stereo version of the two-pickup guitar was available between 1963 and 1965.

Laminated flamed maple back and sides, laminated spruce top. Until 1965 the Venetian cutaway, after1965 the Florentine cutaway.
Three-piece maple/beech glued-in neck was usually fitted, but sometimes this was two-piece maple.

Rosewood fretboard with pearloid/tortoishell strip fret-markers. A ‘President’ bell-flower design inlaid into the headstock.

A twin pickup arrangement was the norm on the Verithin, although a small number of three pickup Verithin “65-3” models were produced in 1965-66. This model was basically the same as the European/US market Hofner 4575 model.
Pickups on the first Verithins were of the “Toaster” type, but these changed to keep up with the latest Hofner pickup development, with the very last Verithins being fitted with the Type 513 “Blade” units. Likewise, the electrical controls changed over the years in order to keep up with the latest Hofner policy. The first guitars had the Hofner rectangular control console, but this changed to four rotary controls, and later three rotary controls + pickup selector.

A “Lyre” style tailpiece was the standard fitting throughout the production life of the Verithin, but a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece was offered from late 1961. The majority of Verithins left the Hofner (or Selmer workshops in th early years) fitted with Bigsby units.
The slotted “ebony” bridge with fretwire saddles as fitted for the first two or three years was later replaced by Hofner’s “Micromatic” bridge. The usual floating pickguard, in black celluloid with white edging, was fitted to the body by means of panel pins and a single chrome bracket.


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