Höfner 468 Archtop guitar – Germany – 1953

Höfner 468 Archtop guitar The Guitar Database


Acoustic Hollow Body Archtop guitar


Introduced at Frankfurt in 1953 and produced through to 1968 in both acoustic and electric versions. It has been replaced by the Model 471 which appeared in 1969.
The main differences between the UK distributed Committee and the European/US market 468 are: the Committee invariably had a birds-eye maple back and sides; the 468 never had the large “frondose” headstock; the inlays on the 468 are the “bell-flowers” for the headstock, and “bow-tie” on the fingerboard. The Committee has “rose” and “rose & leaf” inlays.

Spruce top, Flamed or birds-eye maple back and sides, mother-of-pearl headstock inlays

Mother-of-pearl inlays


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