Höfner Club 50 – Germany – 1954


Electro-Acoustic Hollow Body Archtop guitar


Maple body and neck

Rosewood fretboard

Two black-bar single-coil Höfner pickups or two single-coil Fuma pickups


The Höfner Club guitar was the entry-level model for many young guitarists who could not afford a guitar from one of the major American brands. Guitarists such as John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ritchie Blackmore, Gordon Giltrap, Justin Haywood and David Gilmour all owned a Höfner Club early in their careers.
They were archtop guitars manufactured in Germany with a small hollow body that was 5cm/2inches thick, without a sound hole. British distributor Selmer labeled this instrument ‘Club’, a name used only in the UK. The ‘40’ had one pickup and the ‘50’ had two. The control knobs were mounted on a tortoise shell panel and a simple floating pickguard was mounted on the body. The original pickups were single coils, made by Fuma from Berlin. Höfner later introduced his own smaller ‘black bar’ pickups that were mounted on a rosewood base. They were replaced in 1960 and finally a Höfner humbucker was introduced in 1963.

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