Höfner Committee Thinline Single cutaway Archtop guitar – Germany – 1959

Höfner Committee Thinline Single cutaway Archtop guitar The Guitar Database


Electric Hollow Body Single cutaway Archtop guitar


Solid spruce top, replaced with laminated tops in the 1960s. Birds eye maple veneer back and sides

Two pickups

our rotary controls plus a large three-way selector switch taking over from the Hofner consul in 1963. This arrangement changed to three rotary controls plus selector switch in 1967.


Top of the regular range of Hofner archtops, the Committee was designed to impress. It was introduced as a UK-only model around 1953/54. The Committee sported the over-large “frondose” headstock up to 1963, when this was replaced by a President size headstock, but still retaining the the impressive “tulip” style mother of pearl inlays in the facia.

The Committee retained its single Venetian (rounded) body cutaway throughout its production span, which ended around about 1969.

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