René Voboam Five-course baroque guitar – France – 1641

René Voboam Five-course baroque guitar - The Guitar Database


Acoustic Hollow Body Five-course baroque guitar


ebony and ivory inlays

Spruce top, turtle shell back and top

Ebony fretboard


This guitar has a decorative binding of ebony and ivory. Also the bridge, soundhole and fingerboard are inlaid with this. René Voboam’s name and date of construction are engraved on an ivory plate on the headstock. The ebony and ivory inlays on the sides and back have a beautiful herringbone pattern. The total length of the instrument is 94 cm/37 inches and it has a depth of about 8 cm/3.1 inches. The strings are almost 70 cm/28 inches long. It is the only instrument that can be attributed with certainty to Voboam and may even be the only surviving copy.

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