Rickenbacker 325 – U.S.A. – 1958


Electric Semi-Hollow Guitar


Mahogany body and neck

Ebony fretboard

Three PAF humbuckers


The Rickenbacker 325 is the first model in the Capri series from 1958. This small, semi-hollow body was designed by Roger Rossmeisl, a luthier from a family of German instrument builders. The model would have played no more than a minor role in guitar history if it weren’t for the attention of John Lennon. During one of The Beatles’ stays in Germany, Lennon bought this 325.
Lennons 325 was one of the first to be produced in early 1958. No more than four were exported to Germany.
Initially, Lennon’s guitar had no sound hole. Later models did get this property to indicate that it was not a cheaper solid body.
Lennon eventually owned four 325s and it was largely thanks to him that the Rickenbacker brand became one of the most famous guitar brands of the 1960s.

Used by artist(s): John Lennon (The Beatles)

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