Rickenbacker 4000 Bass – U.S.A. – 1957


Electric Solid Body Bass guitar


Mahogany body, neck-through construction

Rosewood fretboard

One horseshoe-pickup


In 1957 Rickenbacker released his 4000 bass guitar. This instrument was designed by classically trained luthier Roger Rossmeisl. We are used to the round contours nowadays, but at that time they formed a futuristic contrast with the comparatively boring Fender Precision Bass.
Also for the design of the 4000, Rickenbacker had used a neck-through construction, with the neck and body cut from a single piece of wood. The top and bottom wings were attached separately. The neck was reinforced with a double trussrod.
The 4000 was equipped with simple electronics, a single horseshoe pickup was mounted close to the bridge and operated with one knob for volume and tone. The pickguard on the bridge included a built-in string damper.

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