Rickenbacker Model 1000 – U.S.A. – 1957


Electric Solid Body Double cutaway guitar


Maple body, neck-through construction

Rosewood fretboard

One single-coil pickup


Rickenbackers Model 1000 was sold in 1957 as the study version of the Combo model, which went into production as early as 1954. The neck ran through the body and the maple ‘wings’ were glued to the sides. The tulip-shaped body had two cutaways.
On the Model 1000, a single-coil pickup was mounted near the bridge, not the horseshoe pickup of the Combo but a newer and simpler single coil pickup. This could be controlled by volume and tone knobs, plus a switch. All three of which were mounted on a gold anodized pickguard.
The Model 1000 was Rickenbacker’s budget guitar, with a short neck that could accommodate no more than 18 frets. Later, the Model 900 with a 21-frets neck and the Model 950 with two single-coil pickups were introduced.

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