Selmer ‘Maccaferri’ Orchestra Steel-string guitar with cutaway – France – 1932

Selmer 'Maccaferri' Orchestra Steel-string guitar with cutaway - 1932 - The Guitar Database


Acoustic Hollow Body Steel string guitar with cutaway


French spruce top, Indian rosewood back and sides, walnut neck

Ebony fretboard


More commonly known as the Selmer Maccaferri, the Selmer guitar has a unique shape and sound and is particularly associated with one figure: the incomparable Belgian-born Roma Guitarist Django Reinhardt. The guitar was first produced in 1932 by the French Selmer. The body of this instrument was designed to accommodate the internal resonator of the Italian guitarist and luthier Mario Maccaferri. The Selmer’s body is visually striking for its unusually perpendicular cutaway, which made the highest frets more accessible, and for Art Nouveau decoration of the D-shaped soundhole, often referred to as le grand bouche.

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