Slingerland May Bell Cathedranola Resonator guitar – U.S.A. – 1932

Slingerland May Bell Cathedranola Resonator guitar 1932 - The Guitar Database


Acoustic Hollow Body Resonator guitar


Spruce top, mahogany, koa or birch back and sides, mahogany neck

Rosewood fretboard, or (imitation) golden mother-of-pearl fretboard


The striking Art Deco-inspired acoustic Cathedranola guitar is now a sought-after collector’s item. This instrument was designed to compete with the popular Dobro and National resonator guitars of the time, without infringing any patents.
For the Slingerland resonator guitar, a spruce disc was placed under the metal plate, which acted as a second recessed soundboard. Some experts call this a false resonator. Although the Cathedrale didn’t have as much volume as its rivals, it sounded louder than a standard guitar and had a uniquely sweet tone.
The guitars differed enormously, each guitar was finished differently. All copies of this model do have the two striking sound holes that resemble cat eyes.

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