Stewart & Bauer 100 Parlor guitar – U.S.A. – 1900


Acoustic Hollow Body Parlor guitar


Ivory binding, top nut and saddle

Spruce top, sides and back made of Brazilian rosewood, mahogany neck

Ebony fretboard


This guitar was the most famous model that George Bauer made during his short-term (1898-1910) collaboration with Stewart & Bauer in Philadelphia. It is one of the most beautiful and graceful examples of the so-called parlor guitars. It has mother of pearl inlay on the ebony fingerboard on which the tree of life is depicted. Mother-of-pearl is also applied to the head, the decorative bindings and around the sound hole.
At the time, the 100A-model, which was the size of a concert instrument, was sold for the princely sum of $ 110, the standard women’s model cost $ 100, and the oversized 100B concert-model was $ 120. These guitars were strung with gut strings and had ladder bracing.

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