Supersound Single cutaway Bass – United Kingdom – 1958


Electric Solid Body Single cutaway bass guitar


Mahogany body, glued mahogany neck

Rosewood fretboard

One Supersound Hi-Fi single-coil pickup


Alan Wootton and Jim Burns of Supersound developed a design by studying a borrowed Fender Precision Bass guitar. The result was unlike Leo Fender’s well-known four-string instrument. The Supersound had a shorter neck (77.5cm/30.5inches) with a conventional single cutaway body. These features were retained on subsequent models, but the cutaway’s rounder yet pointy horn already referred to some of Burns’ later designs. The design still had the traditional headstock with standard tuners, but to avoid any possible confusion, the logo was applied to the black pickguard. The Supersound had only one single-coil pickup located in the same location as the Precision’s pickup. The SCB was perhaps the only bass guitar that had the pickup in the same place as Fender. Furthermore, the model had a simple bridge and an equally simple and basic block-like tailpiece. The Supersound SCB was an important and innovative instrument from a pivotal period in modern British music history.

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