Vega SE385 Archtop guitar – U.S.A. – 1958


Electric Solid Body Single cutaway archtop guitar


Spruce and maple body, mahogany neck

Rosewood fretboard

Two single-coil pickups


The Vega SE385 is a successor to the mid-1950s E-400 / 401. The 400 had the same trapezoidal tailpiece. On the SE385, each pickup has a volume and tone control knob on the pickguard. The large single-coil pickups are covered with rectangular metal plates, which somewhat resemble humbuckers.
The SE385 still has the strangest looking metal bars that run from the tailpiece to the bridge pickup. The Duo-Tron system ensures that the pickups do not make contact with the top, so the signal remains pure and does not interfere with the acoustic sound of the instrument.

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