Washburn Style 108 Parlor guitar – U.S.A. – 1892


Acoustic Hollow Body Parlor guitar


Width from belly to bridge almost 32 cm / 12.6 inches

Spruce top, rosewood side and back

Ebony fretboard


Washburn was a brand founded in 1885 by Chicago music publishers and instrument builders Lyon & Healy. They manufactured parlor guitars, mandolins, banjos and citers.
The Washburn catalog from 1889 describes this small and beautiful 108 model. The top is decorated all around with bindings, and the fingerboard and headstock are inlaid with the highest quality mother-of-pearl. With its inlay and celluloid finish, this piece is an ideal guitar for women. Washburn’s mid-1880s parlor guitars were beautiful instruments with ladder bracing. However, with World War I and the rise of jazz, the demand for the small salon guitar diminished. In 1928, Washburn was sold to Regal Musical Instrument Co. that Washburn guitars continued to produce into the 1940s.

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